GREENSBORO, N.C. -- In the dog eat dog world of pet influencers, Courtney Canfield launched her lovable pup into social media stardom. Rambo the Puppy has over 300,000 followers on social media. Her expertise is now for hire, after her marketing job disappeared during the pandemic.

What You Need To Know

  • Learning new skills doesn't have to cost money

  • Greensboro woman sharing her expertise with others in exchange for help with their specialty

  • She says it's also helping her develop a routine with the newfound free time

"I had a feeling, but when it hits you, it's kind of like, whoa," says Canfield.

Stuck at home with newfound free time, Courtney had an idea to sharpen her skills without spending a dime.

"I put out the call on my Facebook page, asking if any of my friends wanted to do a skill swap," says Courtney.

She'd guide them through social media and marketing strategy if they'd teach her something she's interested in.

Swap sessions have taken place with a dog trainer, influence contract specialist, and Triad photographer Jon Eric Johnson.

"I am terrible with social media," says Johnson. "I loved Facebook classic, 2005-2008 Facebook was great."

In exchange for advice to creating an attention-grabbing website and Instagram page, Johnson's helping Courtney get the most out of her new camera.

He also teaches her how to edit and retouch her pictures.

The reception was so positive, Courtney is now thinking about creating a network so other people can come together and skill swap among themselves.

If you have a skill you might like to swap, Canfield and Jon Eric want to hear from you. Contact Courtney Canfield here and contact Jon Eric Johnson here.