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Believe it or not, this is Rob Wu’s second time around with Spectrum News. Rob kicked off his reporting career with Spectrum News Central New York. After moving on to jobs in Winston-Salem and Houston,  Rob has relocated down south as an anchor for the Spectrum News Greensboro team. As a New York City native, Rob attributes the refreshing southern hospitality as part of what made the move to this southern market impossible to resist.

He is a proud member of the Asian-American Journalists Association and has many memorable stories throughout his career.  However, one that sticks out to him is his coverage of the mass shooting at the American Civic Association in 2009. The trust that people placed in him to tell their stories during an unimaginably horrific time in their lives made Rob realize the level of responsibility that comes with his job as a reporter. After 96 hours of coverage, Rob recalls the intensity of the days that followed. At the time, Rob mainly reported on sports. This was the turning point that shifted his part-time news career to full-time.

In Rob’s free time, you can find him watching and playing sports. While shooting hoops was his first love, he's begun playing more tennis.  Hustling for rebounds and driving past defenders isn't as fun as it used to be after he lost a step and a few inches on the vertical. He also likes calling his sister to thank her for becoming the doctor in the family. With mom and dad content they had one, he was free to chase his dreams. When the day is over, it’s a safe bet that you’ll catch Rob either exploring downtown or grabbing a bite at his favorite barbecue spot: Real Q on Country Club Road.