CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A NASCAR driver who will hit the track in Charlotte on Tuesday is doing something a little special for a family member. Angela Ruch's father-in-law died from the coronavirus just weeks ago.


What You Need To Know

  • One of NASCAR's top female drivers is wrapping her car for her father-in-law who died from COVID

  • The car says "@RememberYourHero" for the Instagram page they have started

  • Her father-in-law was also an Air Force veteran

Ruch has now wrapped her car for him. Her father-in-law's face is now on the hood of her truck with the words "Remember Your Hero" surrounding it.

Ruch says it is important to not only remember those who have died from COVID, but also the veterans like her father-in-law as we go through this difficult time.

"With his face on the hood of the car, remembering him - and not just him, but it's everybody out there. It's all the people that have lost their loved ones. Whether it's ... a service worker, a war veteran, we want people to know we care and we are all in this together," Ruch says.

Ruch is also the only mother in NASCAR. She recently adopted two babies.

Ruch will be racing Tuesday night.

Ruch says they have also started an Instagram page called "Remember Your Hero" where they are asking you to post pictures and tell the story of someone you lost.