Twitter: @Rose_Eiklor


How does a New Yorker end up living on top of a mountain in North Carolina? For Rose Eiklor, the answer came as soon as she first stepped on to King Street. She knew she’d found a new community and her new home.

Prior to joining Spectrum News in Boone two years ago, Rose worked at various stations across the country, including WZBN in New Jersey, Time Warner Cable in Rochester and WMC Action News 5 in Memphis. Now, Rose feels lucky to be able to shed light on the special qualities of the Boone community, like the 101-year-old woman who is still making dresses for Samaritan's Purse, and the restaurant in town that allows customers to pay whatever they can. These types of stories inspire her to keep discovering all of the gems Boone has to offer.

During her free time, Rose enjoys relaxing walks, going fishing, and exploring the NC mountains. She also tries to make it back to New York as often as she can to visit her parents and brother.