AVERY COUNTY, N.C. – Nonprofit First Things Foundation has made its way to Avery County. The foundation normally sends volunteers to areas like Guatamala and Sierra Leone for two years to help in those areas. After the coronavirus shut borders, all volunteers were brought back, and they are now in Avery County.

Those volunteers are working with Avery Feeding Families to pack food boxes, replenish community pantries, and even help with the backpack program.

They are now working to determine if they can find a new way to transport food to those who need it.

"They are helping us with a little bit of everything, and I think the potential of examining ways to deliver food to people in need is going to be a real godsend for people in Avery County," Feeding Avery Families Director Dick Larson said.

Feeding Avery Families is not currently allowing those who need food to come inside and look. Instead, volunteers are prepackaging boxes.

They are working to keep both volunteers and those who need the food safe.

Pick-up for the food is on the first four Fridays of every month.