CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A home near south Charlotte is helping create affordable housing in west Charlotte.

Hogan Flughum and his wife, Hillary, bought a house in the Sedgefield neighborhood this summer.

The problem was, the house was too small for their growing family.

Rather than demolish it, they decided to donate it to the West Side Community Land Trust.

The trust pays for the house to be moved to a plot of land in the Enderly Park neighborhood in west Charlotte.

The trust already owns the land and once the house is there, likely next week, it will sell it to a resident its working with at a rate the resident can afford.

The Trust said gentrification is forcing many neighbors to move out so it wants to rethink how neighborhoods are changed.

"We're just trying to do the same thing that's already worked, just in a way that's socially conscious, where we are aware what's happening with these residents, and we are providing staying power for them while also stabilizing the neighborhood," said West Side Community Land Trust Executive Director Charis Blackmon.

The house will be moved sometime next week to its new location.

The Land Trust is creating a pool of homeowners that will go through a home buyer education program.