ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. – The Salisbury Police Department is implementing two new policies that will allow officers to show their tattoos and grow beards all year round.

  • Officers with Salisbury PD can now grow beards and show their tattoos.
  • Previously beards were only allowed in November, and tattoos had to be covered.
  • Police say the decision shows they're people, just like everybody else. 

Previously officers with the department were only allowed to grow beards as part of “No Shave November” and officers with tattoos on their arms were required to wear sleeves to cover them up. 

One officer we spoke to said the new rules help show that policemen are just people like everybody else. 

“Police officers are just like everybody else,” explains Officer Barry Bunch. “We may have just chosen a different line of work, but as far as that goes we like tattoos we also like beards and all kinds of things like that.”

The decision seems to be part of a growing trend to allow the display of tattoos and facial hair in professional environments. 

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