CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has dedicated a new physical fitness training station, created by a local teenager for his Eagle Scout project, in honor of retired Sgt. Ray Williams, who spent 11 years training new CMPD officers.

The station was made my David Vick, 17, who is a junior at Ardrey Kell High School.




Vick started this journey in July of 2016 while he attended the CMPD Summer Explorer camp. He decided he wanted to build a fitness training station on the grounds, and started a GoFundMe to fund the project.

Vick has worked on the projext since November 2017.

Thirty volunteers assisted Vick, who estimates more than 3,300 hours of volunteer time went into the project, which has been named The Sgt. Ray Williams Battleground.




Williams retired from CMPD in February 2017.

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