CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Khadija Wali-Uhud's husband has only been in the Mecklenburg County jail a few days, but she says it's been enough time to see there are serious problems.

“There's ants in their cells. They're overwhelming to where they can't sleep at night. They're biting him,” Wali-Uhud said.

She complains of numerous problems at the jail.

She said her husband, Taison McCollum, has not received his inhaler, there's no air conditioning where he's located, and that the jail isn't sanitary.

“They just don't care. They don't care about how the inmates are living. They don't have any rights,” Wali-Uhud said.

She's not the only person raising concerns about what is going on inside the jail. A number of groups are also speaking out. 

Much of it centers around three recent inmate deaths. There have been four in just the past year.

“One death would be alarming,” said Disability Rights North Carolina Executive Director Vicki Smith. “Four deaths in any period of time is a crisis.”

Causes in three of the deaths have not been released yet, but one was called a suicide.

Smith said the deaths could mean the need for changes.

“Implement a good suicide prevention program, screen for suicide risk,” Smith said. “Do a good survey plant evaluation to look at areas where someone could potentially commit suicide.”

Wali-Uhud said changes aren't happening soon enough.

“You'd think after the first one it would heighten up their senses to make sure this doesn't happen again,” Wali-Uhud said. “When is it going to stop? It's time for action.”

It's why she's started a petition to make people aware of what she says is going on behind the bars.

“My husband isn't going to be a victim of death because of your lack of attention, your lack of urgency, do something about it,” Wali-Uhud said.

Spectrum News received a statement from the sheriff's office which said the jail meets or exceeds all stringent detention facility conditions which includes proper nourishment, conditions, staffing and medical care.

The office added “as evidenced by these inspection scores, the MCJ has been and continues to indisputably and consistently receive outstanding management scores and provide excellent inmate care."

Spectrum News also learned there will be a protest in front of the jail Sunday night beginning at 8:00.