CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Thousands of rape kits are untested in North Carolina, which leaves many sexual assault victims waiting years for justice.

  • There are 15,000 untested kits in the state
  • Could cost about $10 million to outsource them
  • Lawmakers didn't include the money in the proposed budget

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein say there are 15,000 untested kits in the state and to outsource them would cost around $10 million. He says lawmakers didn't include the money in their proposed budget and he's not happy about it.

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The attorney general says he also wants to keep better track of kits.

"We do it with packages all the time. You know where your UPS package is. We need to put a bar code on these sexual assault kits and then we will know how many there are and where they are," Stein said.

Stein says there are some valid reasons why some of the kits weren't tested, including when a victim never filed a charge.


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