RALEIGH, N.C. -- An Advocacy Day which includes the Rally for Respect will happen in Raleigh on Wednesday, along with another rally that will be held in Charlotte. 

  • Over 40 schools systems have closed
  • More than 15,000 educators will attend
  • Reasons for the rally include teacher pay and money spent per student


The North Carolina Association of Educations (NCAE) has organized an “Advocacy Day.” Two components are scheduled: a March For Students from the NCAE to the Legislative Building, with people convening in the galleries and making appointments with their local representatives. After this, they will meet at Bicentennial Plaza for the Rally for Respect.


NCAE cites North Carolina’s ranking at 37th in the nation for teacher pay, which they say, adjusted for inflation, has NC educators losing money by 12 percent. They also cite the amount which is spent per student in NC, which is $2,400 per child and ranks 39th in the nation.

The Charlotte-Mecklenberg Association of Educators says teachers are taking personal days to “fight for better pay and resources.”

Other points include: ending performance pay, putting a pay scale back in place to help veteran teachers, freezing increases in health care costs, expanding Medicaid to help students living in poverty and putting a moratorium on new character schools and vouchers.

According to the National Education Association (NEA), NC ranks #1 for the fastest rising teacher pay. Also from 2014-19, average teacher pay has increased by 19.1 percent.


Over 40 school systems across the state are closed for school as teachers have requested time away to participate in the Raleigh rally or a local one.

More than 15,000 educators have signed up to attend.


The NCAE says May 16 is the beginning of a six-month period to “hold elected leaders accountable for prioritizing corporate tax cuts, instead of our classrooms.” The goal, according to the organization is to elect new, “pro-public education leaders in North Carolina to return out state back to a beacon for public school."

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