TEXAS — The Texas secretary of state’s office last week announced it will internally audit the results of the 2020 presidential election in four of the state’s largest counties.

What You Need To Know

  • In a statement released Oct. 1, President Trump called for the Texas Senate and House to take up bills that would pave the way for partisan review of 2020 presidential election results in Texas 

  • The secretary of state's office has already announced that election results in four of Texas' largest counties will be audited, likely in 2022 

  • Trump referred to the planned audit as "weak" and "risk-limiting" 

  • There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Texas in 2020 

The original announcement came almost immediately after former President Trump called for a forensic audit of election results in the state, though state leadership denies that’s what prompted it.

Results in Tarrant, Dallas, Harris and Collin counties will be audited at some point next year, but that’s not good enough for Trump, who is still pursuing the narrative that fraud led to his 2020 defeat. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Texas or anywhere else.

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In a statement released Friday, Trump called for the Texas Senate and House to take up election review bills during the third and current special session of the Legislature.

“Just heard Patriots are moving the Texas Audit Bill forward. Texas State Senator Paul Bettencourt filed Senate Bill 47, legislation that authorizes Texans to initiate a strong and real Forensic Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election Scam – not a weak risk-limiting audit that is being slow-walked through the Secretary of State’s office,” Trump wrote.

Trump continued by applying more pressure to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

“Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, a great guy, sent the bill to the State Affairs Committee the very same day, and it should quickly pass through the Senate. There is still time for the House to take up the issue in the Third Special session with House Bill 16. Everyone feels certain Governor Abbott will follow suit. This will have a big impact on the upcoming 2022 and 2024 elections in Texas. Texas will always be red, but we must stop the cheating.”

Gov. Abbott has yet to respond publicly to Trump's latest statement.