SAN ANTONIO -- San Antonio's Vision Zero efforts is aimed at reducing the number of traffic-related deaths to zero. This year, the City is adding a new mural at Fire Station No. 26 to bring awareness to the cause.

  • Along Culebra Road
  • Notorious for deadly collisions
  • Mural will be completed for World Remembrance Day

The fire station is along Culebra Road on the city's West Side, an area notorious for deadly collisions.

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Between 2011 and 2015, at least 21 people have died along the roadway after getting hit.

Crystal Tamez of San Anto Cultural Arts is the artist behind the piece in the making. When finished, the painting will include people using various modes of transportation.




It will also feature late bicyclist Tito Bradshaw. Bradshaw died earlier this year after being struck by a driver on the East Side.

"We did put him up there because we had so many people who threw out his name. People do care about the people that have passed and they do care about this change that they want to happen," Tamez said.

Tamez has more than a month to complete the mural here at the fire station. The finished product will be unveiled in November for World Remembrance Day.