It's official - 2018 is now the hottest May in Austin history! At first glance it looked like this year would tie the 1996 record but the National Weather Service did some digging and we actually edged out the 1996 record by 0.03 degrees. 2018's May average is 80.613 and 1996's May average 80.581. 

May's normal high temperature started at 83 degrees at the first of the month and ended at 90 today. Our average high temperature for the whole month was 90.1 degrees which is 4.6 degrees above normal. In fact, we only had 3 days below our average high and 28 days above.  

We had a decent month rain-wise across Central Texas. We recorded 4.57" of rain which was a surplus of 0.13" for the month. So far for the year we're up to 10.77" and, unfortunately, that's a deficit of 2.76".  

June will start hot with high temperatures in the upper 90s and low 100s and that would be rivaling our record highs. Friday's record high is 100 degrees set in 1998 at the Austin-Airport and 100 degrees set in 2008 at Austin-Mabry. The monthly outlook for June is, not surprisingly, warmer than normal and near normal for rain

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Meteorologist Mary Wasson 
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