AUSTIN, Texas — Austin Animal Center has run out of kennels for medium and large dogs. Usually, AAC has some kennels held for sick or injured dogs and dogs that may pose a risk to public safety, but those are full as well.

“Despite making every effort to get as many dogs out as possible through adoption, foster, and rescue partners, stray dogs keep pouring in, “ said Deputy Chief Animal Services Officer Jason Garza. “To be a no-kill community means we need the community’s help.”

AAC is asking the community to work with their neighbors if they find a loose dog and to bring them home. According to the animal center, studies have shown that most stray dogs are found wandering just a couple blocks from home and taking the extra steps to knock on your neighbors’ doors and posting on social media can help the pet find its way home.

Fostering and adopting is also another way to help out the animal center. AAC will have staff readily available to help with fostering medium and large dogs on Friday, Feb. 11 for a minimum of at least two weeks. There will also be an adoption event on Saturday, Feb. 12, with all adoption fees waived.

AAC remains one of the largest no-kill shelters in the United States and hopes to remain that way with the help of the community. The center is required by the city to meet or exceed a 95% live outcome rate.

If you find a pet, you can text FoundATX to (844) 764-2125 for more information on what to do next.​