WASHINGTON — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is set to sign House Bill 25, which will restrict transgender student-athletes from participating with teams that don’t align with the gender assigned to them at birth.

The Biden White House on Tuesday criticized the bill, siding with advocates who say the law will do more to harm transgender children than it will to protect female students.

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Matt Hill, a White House senior associate communications director, took to Twitter over the legislation Tuesday, writing, “Our message to young transgender people in Texas and across the country: these hateful bills are bullying disguised as legislation, and @POTUS and our Administration will always keep fighting for  the full equality LGBTQ+ folks deserve. #YallMeasASLL.”

This marked the Republican-led Legislature’s fourth attempt to pass such legislation.Similar bills have failed to make it to the governor’s desk in earlier sessions after stalling on the House side. 

The legislation was fiercely opposed by LGBTQ rights activists and the families of trans kids. 

Supporters of the bill argued it’s necessary to preserve the fairness in girls sports. 

“I would not have brought this bill if I didn’t feel like it was important for us to protect our girls here in Texas. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of girls right now, and all the ones following them," said the author of the bill, Rep. Valoree Swanson, R-Texas House District 150. 

But LGBTQ advocates and families of trans kids say it directly targets transgender youth in Texas. 

“Knowing that this bill has a target and can hurt innocent children, and the domino effect is to hurt all Texans, why are we even having this debate?" said Rep. Mary González, D-Texas House District 75.