AUSTIN, Texas — Infamous Brewery's Josh Horowitz spends most of his days at his brewery.

“It’s called a 10-hour day. We can light the fires at around 6 in the morning. That way we could be done and out of here by 3-3:30," he said. “I absolutely love what I do. There’s good days and bad, especially right now we’re having - its a cluster!" 

What You Need To Know

  • Brewery owners fighting to keep business going

  • Breweries fall under the same classification as bars

  • One brewery owner asked customers to write letters to the governor

Horowitz, along with fellow brewers, has been fighting to keep his businesses open.

“This is their livelihood, this is my livelihood. This is what we do. This is our job,” he stressed. “Now we have the second shutdown. The second shutdown is a real kick in the [expletive] for a lack of a better word.”

Now he wants Gov. Greg Abbott to see businesses like his in a different light.

“It’s really unfair that we’re kinda lumped into a classification of a bar," Horowitz said. “A restaurant is creating food. That is their product, that’s what they make and they sell that on site. What we make, we sell on site. We make beer.”

Horowitz asked his customers to write letters to the governor. He hopes the letter writing convinces Abbott to see the difference between breweries and bars and change COVID-19 guidelines to separate breweries from bars.

“I feel that a letter is worth more than an email," Horowitz explained. "When it’s handwritten, it comes from the heart. It doesn’t lose its character, its meaning - versus an email, which is like a text message; something can get lost in translation.”