AUSTIN, Texas — A local nonprofit, Austin 20, is trying to raise enough money to build a center for young victims of sex trafficking.

  • New facility will provide assessment and resources
  • It will serve as safe space for young survivors
  • Fundraiser on November 7

The center, Nicole's Place, will be a place where children who are survivors of sex trafficking can be taken for assessment and resources. 

The goal is to bridge the gap in public services for those survivors. Austin 20 hopes to provide a safe place for them to stay until the center’s staff can find the right long-term care option for each child. 

“What was the glaring issue here in Austin, Texas? And that was an emergency center, an emergency center to immediately get these children to safety, to be able to evaluate them and to figure out what these children needed immediately,” said Lisa Knapp, founder of Nicole’s Place.


Austin 20 is hosting a fundraising event in Buda on November 7 to help pay for the completion of the center.