AUSTIN, Texas -- Performing artist Lizzo had a massive crowd this weekend at ACL Music Festival, but some fans on social media are saying it was unfortunate she wasn't on a larger stage.

  • Crowd was so large some felt it was a safety hazzard
  • Attendees asking ACL to put her on bigger stage

Twitter users are equating their experience to being in a mosh pit, and called the whole concert a "safety hazard."

Lizzo performed in the 7 p.m. slot on Sunday at the Miller Lite stage, where she's set to perform again on October 13. While the singer has been around for a few years, she's recently been climbing the charts with her songs "Good as Hell" and "Juice." She has held the No. 1 spot for six weeks now with her song "Truth Hurts."

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"Honestly we tried to get in and it was just wall-to-wall people. It was the tightest-packed I have ever seen it. And quite frankly I don't think you could have gotten any more people than were there into seeing her on that stage. It was the craziest I've ever seen at that stage. I mean, Chance The Rapper and The Black Keys were on that stage a few years ago and those both drew huge crowds. But I think just the combination of when it was, how big she is, and then the crowd that ACL draws; it was the most packed I have ever seen that stage,” said ACL attendee Matt Powell.

Many fans are calling on ACL to swap out either Robyn or Mumford & Sons and get Lizzo to a bigger area.

"She's No. 1 on the charts right now, she has been. She's set so many records and so I think moving her to either the American Express or the Honda stage where the headliners are would have been a smart move. When we were looking back over the crowd, you could not see an end to it. It was like past the middle of the Honda stage where people were standing to watch Lizzo, it was crazy,” said ACL attendee Jesse Ferguson.

"I was not able to get to the emergency exit so I think it was a little bit too packed just to be able to get over there. We got a little bit of a late start getting over there but I don't think I could have made it to the exit if I needed to,” said Powell.

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While the massive crowd was overwhelming for some, Ferguson said she doesn't believe ACL could switch it up this late in the game.

"You would at this point expect Lizzo to be a headliner just because she's so popular. But obviously if they booked out the artists and the acts ahead of time, then that's not really possible to accommodate last second, like, β€˜Oh make her a headliner.’ I think a lot of people were just fired up because they thought she deserved more than like that 7 p.m. slot," said Ferguson.

Powell and Ferguson are both ACL veterans, but were most excited to see Lizzo this year.

"I found out she was coming to ACL and that was one of the reasons I decided to come this year. I mean I normally would too, but it sort of sealed it for me instead of passing it up for something else. Recently with the resurgence of like the feminist movement and how everyone's been really pushing for that, I feel like her message really resonates with this sort of like, β€˜Call out people for their bad behavior attitude,' that we're seeing a lot more of,” said Ferguson.

"And I think it appeals to men too, just her message about like feeling the way you feel and you know, it doesn't matter what people think of it, just do you. So that really appeals I think not just to women but everyone really. Recently, with everything blowing up and the way that she performs is just fantastic so I was definitely looking forward to her, definitely one of the top ones I wanted to see this weekend,” said Powell.

Spectrum News has reached out to ACL for comment addressing if Lizzo would be switched to a bigger stage, but have not heard back from the festival.