Stacy Rickard has aspired to be a reporter since before she reached high school. She would start her days in middle school by listening to the local radio station before heading to school each morning, report on her school's morning show before class, and design her school's yearbook during the school day. Stacy kept that same path throughout her life, which brought her to her current role, a decorated reporter and journalist at Spectrum News.

She joined the Spectrum News team in June 2018 as the Hays County bureau reporter, covering almost a dozen counties. This position brought her back to the area she grew up in. She's able to work in her hometown of New Braunfels frequently, which is something she never thought she would be able to do. From here, she's getting to share the stories from the smaller communities that are just a drive away from the Spectrum newsrooms in San Antonio and Austin.

Aside from journalism, Stacy's greatest passions include photography and singing, so even when she’s not reporting, it’s safe to say a camera is never far away, whether she's behind it or in front of it.