AUSTIN, Texas – Heat exhaustion remains one of the primary concerns ahead of this weekend’s Austin City Limits Music Festival.

  • ACL Weekend One: October 4-6
  • ACL Weekend Two: October 11-13
  • Lots of tickets sold out

Even though the calendar says we’re in fall, those hot temps just aren’t budging. That means this weekend’s ACL Festival-goers are in for a hot one.

Those long days in the sun typically lead to a higher volume of response calls for EMS, treating patients on site for heat exhaustion and dehydration.

The number one piece of advice: stay hydrated.

According to the ACL website, you can’t bring liquids into the festival, but make sure you’re well hydrated beforehand.

There will be Camelbak Hydration Stations throughout the grounds to help participants refill bottles or hydration packs.

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Special Events Commander Kevin Parker says there will be extra paramedics on duty and extra ambulances.

Additionally, there will be special response vehicles equipped with supplies and a stretcher to take people directly to an on-site medical center away from the crowds.

“If our paramedics need to get involved, we’re also able to do that. But also do it in a way that doesn't impact the 911 system. So that if somebody is just enjoying a nice weekend in October at their house and they have a need for the ambulance and serves their neighborhood will still be available,” said Parker.

Parker adds that each year the response is planned based off of what weather we can expect. Any extra staffing is all due to those mid to upper 90-degree temperatures expected.