AUSTIN, Texas — August 21 of each year marks National Senior Citizens Day.

  1. Plano, Texas
  2. Washington, D.C.
  3. Anchorage, Alaska

On August 19, 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5847 officially declaring the holiday.

The 2017 census reports that 47 million senior citizens live in the United States. The Census Bureau says the senior population could double by 2060.

According to a new study, Austin is home to one of the largest working senior citizen populations in America.

Provision Living analyzed American cities with populations of 200,000 or more to find out how many people age 65 or older are still in the workforce. The study of the top 25 largest cities shows that at least 20 percent or more of the senior population is still working in those cities.

Five of the top 10 cities are in Texas. Austin came in at number six with 22.8 percent of the senior population still working.

Plano topped the list with more than a quarter of its senior population working. Garland, Dallas, and Irving are also in the top 10. Lubbock, Houston, and Arlington aren’t far behind, coming in at 11, 12, and 13 respectively.

List of cities with most working seniors (Provision Living)
List of cities with most working seniors (Provision Living)