TEXAS -- Texas neighborhoods have been keeping an eye out for coyotes that have come prowling in the night and sometimes into the morning--causing concern among residents.

Wildlife experts say it’s normal to see them around this time of year because it’s denning season. That is the time when coyotes are out during the day teaching their pups how to hunt.

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However, they want to remind pet owners—especially those with small pets, like cats and small dogs—to stay vigilant. You are asked to keep them indoors or, if out, on a leash. Fencing around your yard can also help protect your pets.

If you’re out on a walk and you encounter a coyote, experts advise you to “haze” them. Hazing involves training the animal to avoid approaching homes, other humans and pets.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Maintain eye contact while yelling and waving your arms.
  • Throw something non-edible near the coyote.
  • If it still won’t leave, maintain eye contact and slowly back off.

If the coyote looks sick or injured, don’t try to make it go away. Call your local animal control officer.

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Denning season lasts until November.