GEORGETOWN, Texas – The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce hosted a re-opening celebration for businesses affected by a months-long gas leak Saturday.

  • More than 70 businesses were affected
  • Took over 3 months to re-open
  • Chamber of Commerce helped some businesses

The gas leak began in February and affected more than 70 businesses and dozens of homes in the area.

Atmos Energy worked in the area for months to remove residual gas that was trapped under the ground.

The last business, the Cook-Walden Davis Funeral Home, re-opened on May 15.

"I didn't think it would be nearly as long as it was. I thought it would be a couple of days." Manger Jared King of Cook-Walden Funeral Home said.

Over the nearly three months the funeral home was closed and employees worked out of other offices or did house calls.

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Sometimes the funeral home lost out on potential customers because they couldn't provide the service in town. Cook said Georgetown is very unique.

"Some families want to have their services in Georgetown. They want to be where they live and be where they work," King said.

On Saturday, the community joined to support about 20 business that participated in the event. Owners set up tables to talk with residents about their services.

Atmos Energy representatives also were in attendance.

"We believe that businesses are the backbone of our economy and that is central here," Chamber President Jim Johnson said. "You can't replace what they lost during that time when they were unopened, but there customers are coming back."

Johnson helped plan the event as way to promote the businesses who are still dealing with the after effects of the leak.

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"You can't replace what they lost during that time when they were unopened, but their customers are coming back," Johnson said.

The chamber is already planning other ways to keep the public's interest.

"We will have a bingo game over the next eight weeks that will allow citizens to visit these businesses and be entered into drawings for different cash prizes," Johnson said.

You can find out how to get involved in the business bingo game by visiting the public library or utility building.

There will also be a job fair held on June 5 to help businesses replace employees lost during the leak. Learn more here.