AUSTIN, Texas – A former UT Austin kicker used to bring fans to their feet in the football stadium, now he is doing the same for his patients.

  • Former UT player now an othropedic surgeon
  • Performs cartilage regeneration procedures

Dr. Kris Stockton is a surgeon at Texas Orthopedics and performs a cartilage regeneration technique on patients. The procedure takes bone graft from below the knee and replaces cartilage in affected areas

"I couldn’t go on a field trip or on a showing because [of] my ankle. I just couldn’t get out of my bed or I couldn’t get out of my chair," said patient Gustavo Tostado.

After years of discomfort in his ankle and foot, he has relief. Tostado had a large cystic defect involving a bone in his foot. Stockton used a bone graft from below his right knee to regenerate the cartilage in his ankle. 

“I have done a handful of these and they seem to have done quite well,” said Stockton. “It is very fulfilling to help patients and return them to function and activities that they enjoy. It is a good part of our job.”

Stockton said performing surgery on people's feet and ankles is just a coincidence. While it's different than 100,000 people cheering him on for a game-winning kick, it is fulfilling to help people get back to their normal, daily activities.