WIMBERLEY, Texas – The Wimberley City Council has joined surrounding cities in adopting a resolution formally opposing the 430-mile Permian Highway Pipeline proposed by Kinder Morgan.

  • Wimberley formally opposes Permian Highway Pipeline
  • Pipeline would transport natural gas to the coast
  • Company’s could seize land from Texans for the pipeline through eminent domain

Wimberley is one of the final cities’ in Hays County to oppose the pipeline. Resolutions have previously been adopted by the city of Woodcreek, Kyle, San Marcos, and Hays County itself. 

Kinder Morgan’s proposed pipeline would transport natural gas from Waha in West Texas to the coast.

At a previous Council meeting in Wimberley in February, members were not fully convinced that adopting the resolution was the best decision, and decided to table the vote. 

Some council members cited the language in the document seemed to be inaccurate or not fully clear.

“I'm happy to revisit this at that time when we have more information in front of us that shows A-We have the prerogative to do this and B-It's in the interest of our community,” Erik Wollam said.

The language in the resolution adopted by Wimberley in March 7 is slightly different than the one adopted by surrounding cities. The draft was written by Mayor Pro Tem Gary Barchfeld and Council Member Craig Fore. 

The pair said they wanted to write a version that was less accusatory and one that they felt Kinder Morgan would be more likely to negotiate with them on.

The original resolution asked for for immediate action from the Texas Legislature to protect landowners. Barchfield and Fore’s version eliminated that line.

The pair also took amended the line asking to rescind the unlimited power of eminent domain, instead asking for checks and balances against the broad delegation of eminent domain. 

Under the definition of eminent domain according to the Landowner’s Bill of Rights, the company can take the land it needs from landowners and compensate them. 

Landowners Bill of Rights by Spectrum News Texas on Scribd

Kinder Morgan claims it will not start construction on the pipeline until all of the affected landowners are on board.

SB 421 filed by Senator Lois Kolkhorst addresses eminent domain laws in Texas. 

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