AUSTIN, Texas – The principal of Murchison Middle School has stepped down.

Brad Clark announced on Wednesday in a letter to parents that he was resigning due to "recent challenges" in the community. Clark said he hopes a new leader can bring "healing to the campus."

Last week, two Austin Independent School District students were taken into custody after being accused of stabbing 18-year-old Carson Smith to death. It has not been confirmed, however, if the arrested students attended Murchison, but Clark did discuss the arrests in a letter to parents. 

It is unknown if this situation is what Clark was referring to in the letter.

An interim principal has been named after an Austin Independent School District meeting Thursday morning. Beth Newton, the former principal of Hill Elementary, will being her new position on February 11.

In December 2018, a student was injured at the middle school after falling off of second-story balcony during the passing period.