AUSTIN, Texas — As Austin police continue their investigation into the stabbing death of a high school student, family and friends are mourning him

  • Texas Rowing Center to honor slain high school student 
  • Killed in northwest Austin stabbing
  • Two minors arrested in connection

Eighteen-year-old Carson Smith was an active member of the Texas Rowing Center. For more than two years, Smith attended practices at least four days a week on Lady Bird Lake.

Davis Colwell said it was fun coaching Smith, because of his hard work and willingness to excel at the sport.

“When the other rowers in your boat know that everybody else is giving 100 percent that’s a confidence builder. It really makes everyone an owner of that boat. With Carson, he always gave 100 percent. You could see the confidence of his team mates, his boat mates. Knowing that he’s giving everything he’s got, so they had to give everything they had, just out of respect,” Colwell said.

Smith was one of more than two dozen boys on the varsity rowing team. There are about 120 young people in the juniors program. Last Monday was the first practice without their trusted teammate. Colwell said they shared stories about past regattas and talked about what they will miss most about the high school senior.

“Carson was such a warm and generous young man, he had a great smile. He made people at ease. He could go out and make a new person welcome the instant that they showed up. So I will remember him for his humor and his smile and his kind nature,” Colwell said.

Colwell said he and the team were devastated when they found out Smith died last week. A 13- and-15-year-old were arrested in connection to the stabbing. Austin police say the investigation is still ongoing.

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“I want to emphasize to the team, ‘Keep talking. Don’t hold it in.’  That it’s okay to be emotional. It’s important that the kids keep talking and that they know that they’re not alone,” Colwell said.

While emotions are still running high, the team plans on raising money for Smith’s family. They are still working out the details, but are thinking about fundraising by rowing one million meters on ergometers. In addition, Texas Rowing Center is hosting a scrimmage on February 10 on Lady Bird Lake and they are calling it the “Carson Smith Memorial Regatta.”

“As a part of the grieving process, the team myself particularly, we don’t want to forget him and we want the family to know that we care,” Colwell said.