NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas -- Hemp and marijuana may come from the same cannabis species, but the plants have their differences.

Specifically, the cannabidiol or CBD content in hemp is much higher, but the THC content can be as low as 0.3 percent. CBD is the most prevalent non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp.

For Jeremy Daniels, 19, CBD in an oil version has proved to be an alternative to prescription pills.

"It makes me feel more happy," Daniels said. "CBD oil has changed my life."

Daniels has autism, PTSD, and anxiety. He takes CBD oil under his tongue using a dropper. His guardian, Lori Daniels, said his mental health doctor didn't give him many options to curb his symptoms.

"The only alternative was to increase the meds that were killing him or put him in a hospital to try to figure out something else. That's when I came here," Lori Daniels said.

Go Green Botanicals opened up in New Braunfels six months ago. Since then, co-owner Maurice Salazar said he's still educating people on CBD benefits.

"Just to get that CBD into your system, it can be topical, it can be ingested, it can even be inhaled," Salazar said. "It's a cellular protectant, it's a natural anti-inflammatory, natural anti-anxiety. Those are the types of things that I don't people know or understand how it works and that's what we're trying to teach them about."

Salazar said it won't affect your mental capability like its THC-loaded cousin marijuana.

"The largest percentage of our customers are people that are looking for some sort of relief," Salazar said. "We have dosings that start off as low at 5 or 10mg and as high as 1500mg, so just depending on the severity of the condition that you're trying to eradicate or get some help with. It just depends on the individual, everybody has different absorption rates, metabolisms, we're all different sizes. So it's not the one size fits all.​"

State health officials have tried cracking down on CBD, but a proposal in the new Senate and House versions of the 2018 Farm Bill could remove its parent plant "hemp" from the controlled substance list.

"We have to go through legislation and the only way to go through legislation is if you get the numbers, the people to talk to their legislators, talk to their representatives," Salazar said.

For Jeremy Daniels, the CBD keeps him calm and more focused.

"It makes me talk better with you instead of getting anxiety of being around people," Jeremy Daniels said.

The hope is to take Jeremy Daniels off pharmaceuticals completely.

"In six months, he's going to be on CBD oil only," Lori Daniels said.