TEXAS – Shopping carts can be left at local supermarkets as Texans enjoy food from farms straight to the table.

At the Texas Farmer's Market, the food is fresh, and vendors are local. Sunday kicked off National Farmer’s Market Week. Started by the National Farmer's market coalition, the week is all about celebrating farmers while bringing awareness to their shoppers.

Texas Farmer's Market Executive Director Kate Payne said the week helps teach locals about the benefits of the farmers markets.

“It’s really an attempt to let folks and communities know about all the benefits both economic, societal, social, all the benefits of farmers markets," Payne said.

The Texas Farmer’s Market provides those benefits to vendors in Austin. Payne said every dollar spent goes right into stimulating the local economy.

"As of last year, just Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, we put more than $4 million back in the local economy," said Payne.

The markets cut out the middle man between customers and vendors, selling anything from lemonade to goat cheese. Pure Luck Farm and Dairy owner Ben Guyton has reaped the benefits of the market for more than 20 years.

“Every dollar spent here at the farmer’s market helps us twice as much as every dollar spent at the grocery store,” Guyton said.

Helping local farmers is only part of the reason why these shoppers choose the market.

“It’s a great place to try different foods, it’s a great place to meet your neighbors, and there’s usually plenty of shade to be found,” said frequent farmer’s market shopper Colleen McAllister.

So this week, Texans are encouraged to skip the crowded supermarket to try something fresh, new and local.