AUSTIN--While most people took the day off for Memorial Day, thousands of athletes pushed their abilities to the limit at the 'Life Time Tri Cap Tex' triathlon.

• Oldest contestant was 78-years-old
• Youngest contestant is 8-years-old

This year, 2,000 athletes signed up on the sprint, swim and cycling course along Lady Bird Lake. Organizer, Scott Hutmacher, said 30 percent of participants were first-timers. The oldest athlete was 78-years-old, and the youngest is 8-years-old.

Athletes started out the triathlon by taking a plunge for a mile-long swim, then retrieve their bicycles for a 25-mile course, then, finally sprint six miles to the finish line.

Victoria Maranan spoke with triathlete, Aaron Shapley, about the mindset and training it took to participate in the physical feat.