STATEWIDE — Business is officially blooming in Central Texas! 

Wildflower season, most of the time, peaks in April, but already around town, we're seeing buds open up. 

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center predicts this season's bloom

When is peak season?

March and April, respectively. Though a lot depends on previous seasons' rains/the current temperatures we're experiencing. 

“It’s looking really good. We’re starting to see things already,” Andrea DeLong-Amaya, director of horticulture at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, told the Seguin Gazette. “It looks like the timing is pretty much average like right about where it is from year-to-year. We’ve had some nice cold weather, reasonable rain throughout the winter. We could probably use a little more for most areas of Texas, but it’s been adequate and right on schedule to have a nice bluebonnet and other wildflowers season."

Where do I see flowers?

Wildflowers beautify the Texas highways and litter the landscapes across the state, and with their bright colors, they're not hard to find. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, 4801 La Crosse Ave., in Austin boasts a wide variety of picture-perfect blooms. 

Other options include:

What kind of flower am I looking at?

Top, from left: The bluebonnet, purple coneflower. Below coneflower is the four-nerve daisy. Bottom, from left: Indian paintbrush, Texas lantana, goldeneye phlox.

Is it illegal to pick them?

There is no law against picking wildflowers in Texas, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

However, there are some areas where it is illegal or against the rules. For example, it is against the rules to pick them at Texas State Parks. Be sure to observe the policy of wherever you're visiting.

If out in nature, the general rule of thumb is, be courteous! The wildflowers are a thing of beauty we all should be able to enjoy. If everyone picks them, the scenery suffers. 

Watch out for creepy, crawly, poisonous creatures

As is tradition for many, if you're exploring and/or taking photos of/with the wildflowers, remember that snakes, fire ants and other potential dangers are a possibility. As the classic saying goes, "Look before you leap!"

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