GEORGETOWN, Texas -- A family in Georgetown is using their annual Christmas light show to give back to the community.

  • Harlien family's Christmas light show a Georgetown tradition
  • Display uses 140,000 lights
  • Family has raised more than $70K for Make-a-Wish

This is the fifth year the Harlien family has used their lights to raise money for Make-a-Wish. Children visiting the Harlien family household will enter a winter wonderland filled with lights.

"There's so many!" said Quinn Spinks.

The Harliens use 140,000 lights to be exact. For 25 years, the family's light show has been a Georgetown tradition. Familly friend Kimberly Broad said for the family this breathtaking display has taken on a deeper meaning.   

“Four years ago they became empty nesters and were kinda riding the fence as to whether or not they were going do their lights. One of their dear friends was a Wish kid themselves, and so they were inspired to do it for Make-A-Wish," said Broad.

The Harliens have raised $70,000 over three holiday seasons to help make the dreams of Make-a-Wish kids like Quinn come true.

“Quinn was [3 years old] when she was diagnosed with cancer. By the time we got to our make a wish trip she was feeling better, so it was sorta a celebration trip for us," said Theodore Spinks, Quinn's father.

Quinn joins 13 other Wish kids whose dreams came true through the fundraiser. Now on their fourth year, the Harlien family continues to make the show bigger and brighter. All to make sure kids like Quinn get the chance to live their best lives.

The Harlien family will continue their light show throughout the month of December. Donations are accepted at the light show or online at