One among dozens of gun-related videos posted to one YouTube channel shows two of the four suspects accused in what authorities said is a now-foiled bomb plot in the same room together.

The account, rebel Crysel, shares a name with Andrew Crysel, clearly seen in a video along with Vincent Vetromile. Both face weapons and conspiracy charges along with Brian Colaneri and an unidentified 16-year-old for allegedly targeting Islamberg, a Muslim enclave east of Binghamton.

According to police, 23 firearms and three IEDs were seized by officers executing several search warrants. Police said all of the IEDs were recovered from the home of the 16-year-old Greece Odyssey student, and that all the guns were legal firearms and not assault weapons.

The homemade bombs were turned over to the FBI for examination. Police said they were constructed from mason jars, duct tape, black powder and projectiles like BBs and nails.

According to police, the boys met while in Boy Scouts. Leaders of the Seneca Waterways Council of the Boy Scouts of America released a statement Wednesday, saying they were deeply saddened to learn that the alleged plot came from former scouts.

In a statement, CEO Stephen Hoitt said:

“We were shocked and disturbed to learn about the allegations against these individuals. Upon learning of these reports we took immediate action to prohibit these individuals from any future participation in the Boy Scouts of America.”

The mother of Brian Colaneri says that her son would never hurt anyone and that he is on the autism spectrum. Crysel's family said he too lives with autism, and that he is home until his next court appearance after bail was posted.

Meanwhile in Islamberg, leaders allege a double standard, and say all four suspects should face terrorism charges.