ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Last week, the Ontario County Sheriff's office reported a parole officer had shot and wounded a 27-year-old man, when that man tried to run down the officer with a car outside the Woodridge Motel in Canandaigua.

The family of Chanel Hines said that report was misgendering, because Hines is a woman. Hines is in critical condition at Strong Memorial Hospital, and her mother, Damita Bonnemere, said she has not been able to see her.

What You Need To Know

  • Chanel Hines was misgendered in initial reports of the shooting

  • Hines is at Strong Hospital, and her mother, Damita Bonnemere, says she is being denied to see her

  • Protesters demonstrated in front of Strong Hospital demanding justice for Chanel Hines

"They told me she was out of surgery and that the New York State Division of parole had blocked all access. So I could not have a phone call. I could not be granted an ICU visit. I could not send her a card. And when I did get my first phone call, for five minutes, they said do not ask her what happened or you'll be disconnected we're on speakerphone."

In that short phone call, this is what Bonnemere said Hines said:

"She asked me why it happened,” said Bonnemere. “She asked me why he shot her. No one's implying that Chanel was an angel, but she wasn't violent. And nobody deserves seven shots at point-blank range hit in her three times in the chest when you're executing a misdemeanor warrant. I can't understand the use of deadly force."

Advocacy groups helped Bonnemere and Hines raise money for an attorney on GoFundMe, but Bonnemere said Hines' attorney has not been able to speak with her one on one either.

"When the attorney came, two New York State parole officers stayed in the room and pulled the curtain as she was interviewed by her attorney. Whatever happened to attorney-client privilege? Where's our justice,” said Bonnemere.

Bonnemere said Hines lost a part of her lung and is temporarily blind in one eye. She admits her daughter does struggle with mental health and substance abuse, but said she has sought help before and that the system failed her before it got to the point of her getting shot.

"Tell the truth,” said Bonnemere. “You didn't care and you left her there. On the ground in her underwear, trans and Black and invaluable to you."

Ontario County Sheriff Kevin Henderson declined to comment any further, saying the case is now being handled by the county district attorney.