There are many unanswered questions remaining in the attack on a Rochester police officer last week.

"So the question is, what happened? Why was he on the streets for this to happen?" asked Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren.

Warren is referencing Keith Williams, the man charged in connection with the vicious attack against Rochester Police Officer Denny Wright.

"Why was this gentleman, who we knew had these violent tendencies, who had this situation that just happened, why was he out on the streets and able to effect this officer this way?" Warren asked.

Wright remains hospitalized with multiple stab wounds that he suffered during a domestic call on Friday. On Monday, authorities arrested Williams, a man who has a history with the law.

"We had a stand-off with him back in June," Warren said. "I’m not understanding why he was even out for this to be able to happen."

Williams' recent history with the law is prompting the community to ask why he was a free man. Spectrum News took a look at the timeline leading up to the attack, beginning with Williams' arrest for a crime that took place just over a year ago.

According to information from Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley’s office, Williams was sentenced to probation in March for a crime committed in September 2018. While on probation, he was arrested in June on a felony assault charge and a misdemeanor menacing charge for a separate incident. He was held on $15,000 bail.

The district attorney says the victim in the felony case from June became uncooperative and they could not proceed with the investigation.

In mid-July, Williams was sentenced to eight months in jail for violating his probation, but he received credit for time served while his cases were moving through the system. He was released on July 29.

The district attorney’s office said three court cases are pending against Williams: A felony assault case before Judge Stephen Miller; the misdemeanor menacing case, which is set for trial on October 24 with Judge Teresa Johnson, and the case involving the injury of Officer Wright.

In this most recent case, Williams is charged with attempted aggravated murder and aggravated assault on a police officer. He’s being held without bail. 

Doorley will present the case to a grand jury before his next scheduled court date on Friday.

The timeline of events answers some questions but raises others.

"I know that many people around our city and as well as not only city hall but our police department are asking those questions," said Mayor Warren.

The effort to find answers to those questions continues on many levels.