ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Daniel Prude died in March of last year, one week after the man, who was naked after ingesting PCP and in the midst of a mental health crisis, was restrained and asphyxiated by Rochester police officers. The incident, and the cover-up, which kept the death from becoming public for five months, sparked massive protests and a demand for police reform.

Prude’s brother says his family is still looking for justice.  

“It's a whole year now," Joe Prude said at a news conference in front of the Public Safety Building. "Nothing’s been done. Everything’s been swept under the table."

What You Need To Know

  • A year ago today, the family of Daniel Prude released police video and records indicating the Rochester man had died months earlier, following an encounter with police
  • Daniel Prude’s brother, Joe, says his family is still looking for justice
  • The Rochester Police Department has not released the results of its own internal investigation

Joe Prude stood with members of Free the People ROC, the group which for the past year has called for defunding of the Rochester Police Department, on Thursday. Advocates renewed that call, dismissing police department reforms that have happened since, including, most recently, a news release sent out Thursday morning that outlined changes to guidelines for the use of force on adults and children.

"Small incremental steps is not the answer," said activist Ashley Gantt. "We want large steps immediately, and we want the police defunded by 50% so that we can ensure that the necessary steps that need to be taken are being taken."

The fallout from Daniel Prude’s death continues. Mayor Lovely Warren fired former police chief La’Ron Singletary, who just this week filed a lawsuit against Warren. In June, the mayor was soundly defeated in a Democratic primary. Prosecutors decided the seven officers who responded to the call, including three who subdued Prude, would not be charged. The seven remain on paid leave.

"These people have not been held accountable for anything that they've done to my damn brother," said Joe Prude.

The Rochester Police Department has not released the results of its own internal investigation. Prude’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit.  

One year later, so many questions are left unanswered.

"Something that I got to live with for the rest of my damn life," said Prude. "Something I got to see for the rest of my damn life."