Wegmans is getting a head start on a statewide ban on plastic grocery bags. The Rochester-based supermarket chain says it will stop offering plastic grocery bags as of January 27.

The move comes as the chain urges customers to switch to re-useable bags to take groceries home. Wegmans began offering those bags in 2007. 

Wegmans will continue to offer paper bags, at a cost of five cents each.

At the East Avenue Wegmans in Rochester, most customers reacted favorably to the change.

“I think it's a very good idea,” said Shopper Skip Mangone. "They're not good. You know it, I know it. Everybody knows it."

“Plastic bags are so convenient and mass-produced,” said Dakota Jensen. “But they all go into the ocean."

Wegmans sells re-useable bags in-store for 99 cents each. According to the company, 95 percent of customers already own at least one. 

People can bring tote bags purchased elsewhere.  The company will not accept plastic bags brought in from outside the store once the ban takes effect.

“I'd like to see people use the re-usable’s and get away from the plastic,” said Paul Nagalski. “I think anything we can do to help the environment is to our advantage."

Last year, New York lawmakers passed a statewide plastic bag ban, which will take effect March 1.