More residents from Wesley Gardens Nursing Home in Rochester have been relocated and are spending Christmas Eve in a new home.

Last week, dozens of residents from the home on North Goodman Street were forced out after a major water leak. The source of the leak was traced to a sprinkler pipe on the seventh floor of the building. As crews began working on water removal, buses arrived to transport those affected to other facilities.

Early Tuesday, more residents boarded buses headed to other local nursing homes.

Hurlbut Care Communities is taking in nearly 50 long-term nursing home residents at two of its facilities. The center says its administrators and staff are working over the holiday to ensure a smooth transition for all those affected by the evacuation.

"We have them spread out throughout our open beds within the facility," said Karen Danzig, an adminstrator at Hurlbut Care Communities. "So we tried to cluster them on the units, so Wesley Gardens was very generous and able to accomodate in sending some of their staff over to help care for them knowing that we had an influx."

NewROC Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has received a dozen displaced residents. Additionally, St. Ann's Community and St. John’s are assisting.

"Our priority is to ensure the Wesley Gardens residents are safe and feel welcome and at home as quickly as possible. We'll continue to care for these residents as long as necessary,” a spokesperson for St. John’s said in a statement.