Officials say a broken sprinkler pipe at a Rochester nursing home is forcing a number of residents to be moved from to another facility.

The Rochester Fire Department and several ambulances were called to Wesley Gardens on North Goodman Street early Thursday morning. 

Fire officials say a two inch sprinkler pipe burst on the seventh floor shortly after 3:30 a.m. and when they arrived there was a large amount of water in the lobby area. Water could also be seen pouring from the ceiling of several floors from outside the building.

Originally, officials said around 130 people would need to be evacuated from the building. At one point the street was shut down in anticipation of a large operation. 

The situation was re-evaluated after workers were able to stop the leak and private companies were called in to address other issues, such as the electrical system, heating system and the elevators.

The most recent citations were issued August 22 and correct October 1 of this year.

The citation details issued by the New York State Department of Health read as follows:

“Based on observations made during the Life Safety Code Survey, it was determined that for two (first and fourth floors) of eight resident use floors, the facility did not properly maintain the sprinkler system. Specifically, sprinkler heads were covered in foreign material and wires were secured to sprinkler piping.

The findings are:

1. “Observations on 8/13/19 at 1:55 p.m. revealed three sprinkler heads in the first-floor main kitchen were heavily coated in brown dust/debris. Two were located above the upright Traulsen cooler and one near the tray line.

2. Observations above the suspended ceiling on 8/14/19 at approximately 2:00 p.m. revealed bundles of red wires were secured to sprinkler piping at six locations outside the fourth floor elevators.

3. Observations above the suspended ceilings on 8/14/19 at approximately 2:10 p.m. revealed a bundle of three large gray electrical wires that were secured to sprinkler piping by a zip-tie and located in the first-floor exit stairwell nearest the recreation office.

The 2010 edition of NFPA 13: Standard for the installation of Sprinkler Systems states:

1) Sprinklers shall not show signs of leakage; shall be free of corrosion, foreign materials, paint, and physical damage; and shall be installed in the correct orientation.

2) Sprinkler piping shall not be subjected to external loads by materials either resting on the pipe or hung from the pipe.”

Buses from St. Ann's Community and St. John's Home were brought in around noon to transport 20 residents to St. John's. A separate group of 12 will be taken to another facility.

Family members can call 585-241-2100 for more information about their loved ones who live in the building.