Noelvin is going home.

Erie County Family Court Judge Sharon LoVallo granted temporary custody to the boy’s paternal grandmother, Zenaida Colon, allowing her to take Noelvin, 3, back to Florida.

Temporary just means the state of New York is releasing the boy to the family—and once they get him back to Florida, they will have to get a separate attorney and file for full custody down there.

But their lawyers said Friday everything will be transferred down to Florida with no objection. They were granted the temporary custody after investigators conducted a home safety study, criminal background check and drug test.

They passed everything and it was determined their home in Florida is a safe one for Noelvin to return. His family said they can’t wait to take him home. 

The toddler has been in the care of Child Protective Services since his parents were reported missing nearly 10 days ago. Noelvin was found on a porch that morning about a mile away from a car burning with human remains inside of the rental car his parents were driving, but police haven't identified those bodies. 

Noelvin’s grandparents are hoping to take fly him back to Florida right away.