It's football Friday here on Spectrum News.

Live coverage of the Friday Night Matchup is happening in Victor tonight as the Blue Devils take on Greece Olympia/Greece Odyssey Spartans.

"They are absolutely psyched, we are psyched, the school community is psyched and this town is psyched,” said Greece Olympia principal Marc Fleming. “It has been an amazing start to the year with the football team 2-0. We are so pumped to take on Victor tonight. This is a team with a really strong history. We have had a lot of players and coaches come through here and a proud history and we are building a new tradition and that tradition is with Odyssey. Olympia and Odyssey combined together--we are creating a community together."

Head football coach Eddie Long is an Olympia grad.

"He brings a really proud tradition of history and the kids are really connect with and are inspired by that and I think that is why we are 2-0 right now,” he said.

"Yes, I think we are building a community and a powerhouse. We are bringing the talent of Olympia and Odyssey together and building a program that can compete with anybody. We are really excited about it and the game tonight under the lights will be a blast,” said Odyssey principal Jeff Henley. “It is great for the kids to see. We are just down the road a little way and we are building the strengths of both teams to form one team and it's been a great experience so far."

The game begins at 7 p.m.