While firework displays are enjoyable for many of us, it isn’t always the case for our furry friends.

Officials at the Lollypop Farm say it can cause a big issue.

“More pets go missing this time of year than any other. We’re already hearing some fireworks at night, and it can be very stressful for our pets," Ashley Zeh with Lollypop Farm said. "They don’t necessarily know its festivities going on. All they know is it’s a loud bang, and it can cause them to be scared and stressed.”

Lollypop Farm recommends keeping your animals indoors and away from the festivities.

Other Tips:

  • Give your pets a safe place to hide
  • Provide plenty of food and water
  • Play soothing music to drown out the bangs
  • Make sure your pet's identification is present, and/or the microchip is up-to-date