An investigation is now underway to learn what led up to a large brawl at Schramrocks Irish Pub. 

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office confirms deputies arrived on scene to a large crowd and multiple fights. At the same time, Strong Memorial Hospital reported three stabbing victims came in from the pub. 

The sheriff's office also reports that victims are not cooperating with the investigation and do not want to press charges.

Deputies are working with the Town of Henrietta to hold both the owner and promoter responsible.

Tuesday, officials with the sheriff's office confirmed one of the victims in the incident was 21-year-old Michael Mathis of Rochester — the same individual that was acquitted in the Genesee Street mass shooting in 2015 that left three dead and more injured.

Henrietta Fire District shared on Facebook that firefighters became trapped at the scene due to the crowds flooding the parking lot. Chief Mark Strzyzynski says no one was hurt, but blood did get on the fire engine. 

"I think just the number of people moving around the incident made them a little nervous. Normally we don't deal with sort of situation too often when law enforcement does on a regular basis. I think they had a little angst if you will and called for a little help," said Strzyzynski.

He says first responders never know what scenario they will walk into. His team followed protocol but this protocol will be reviewed following this incident.