The political season in Monroe County has officially kicked off with both parties nominating their candidates for the November election. Both Democrats and Republicans convened Wednesday night.

The Democrats hope to carry their energy forward after a couple big wins in November.

“Last year we were able to make some gains, some very strong gains," said Brittaney Wells, Monroe County Democratic Chair. "We were able to pick up Fairport, we were able to pick up a county family court seat. So we’re looking to build on that and continue to move forward, and do that again this election.”

The Republicans look to maintain their control over the county, sporting their record on issues like taxes.

“We start with good candidates, good leadership within the county," said Bill Reilich, Monroe County Republican Chairman. "Continue to work with businesses for job growth, continue to work in a way to hold the line on taxes, which is what Cheryl has done by cutting taxes for the first time in decades. I think good fiscal management, and good management overall.”

While city and county judge candidates were also nominated, the big races are for district attorney and county executive.

Democrats put forward former assistant district attorney Shani Curry Mitchell for DA.

“We’re just out here working for the people, and we want to do what’s best for the citizens of Monroe County," Wells said. "And that means looking forward to the poor and everyone in-between, making sure that all ethnic communities are also represented.”

While the GOP threw their support once again behind incumbent Sandra Doorley.

“Sandra is dealing tough on crime, doing what she needs to do," Reilich said. "And they work hard meeting and greeting the people, but they don’t just do it election time, they do it their whole time. So this is just more of the same, what they’ve been doing, and that’s serving the people.”

Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello announced his run for county executive at the end of January, but now has the official support of the Democratic party to challenge incumbent Cheryl Dinolfo.

“I consider Bello the next generation of leadership," Wells said. "You can see what he’s done in Irondequoit and moving up the chain, and working as the county clerk. He’s done a lot of things in that regard, and we’re looking forward to his kick-off to this race and working on behalf of the citizens of Monroe County.”

Republicans remain confident Dinolfo can lead for another four years.

“Our county executive just cut the taxes, is introducing a lot of new programs, studying things at the zoo and the airport renovations," Reilich said. "She’s really focused. She puts in 20 hours a day, so I don’t know how she sleeps, but she works like mad at her job.”

Voters will decide November 5.

Another notable appointment, the Democrats backed Victor Sanchez for the county legislature's 21st district — over Rachel Barnhart. The decision prompted some district committee members to go on social media and dispute the designating process.

A letter, cosigned by several committee members, said ballots for a second vote to break a tie were not sealed or secured in a lock box.

They added that scheduling a second vote fell out outside bylaws. A party spokesperson says both votes were done in accordance within the bylaws. However, the members that cosigned say they believe this process was unfair to both Sanchez and Barnhart. Party leaders did not immediately return a request for comment.

Results from the Democratic convention has set up a potential primary for Rochester City Council. Specifically, the northwest district seat.

The party backed LaShana Boose, a local activist and organizer and employee with the city school district.

Earlier this month, Bijaya Khadka announced his run and he says he's staying in the race. He's head of the House of Refuge, a support organization for refugees and immigrants.

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Full list of candidates:

Monroe County Republican nominees:

  • Cheryl Dinolfo, County Executive
  • Sandra Doorley, District Attorney
  • John DeMarco, county court judge
  • Kyle Steinebach, county court judge

Monroe County Democratic nominees:

  • Adam Bello, County Executive
  • Shani Curry Mitchell, District Attorney
  • Michael Dollinger, county court judge
  • Karen Bailey, county court judge
  • Melissa Barrett, city court judge
  • Mark Muoio, city court judge
  • Michelle Ames, legislative district 1
  • Karen LoBacco, L.D 2
  • Marvin Stepherson, L.D 3
  • Josh Mack Jr., L.D 4
  • Terry Daniele, L.D 5
  • Daniel Maloney, L.D 6
  • Jim Leary, L.D 7
  • Megan Thompson, L.D 8
  • Catherine Dean, L.D 9
  • Howard Malfucci, L.D 10
  • Joshua Foladare, L.D 11
  • Michael Yudelson, L.D. 13
  • Justin Wilcox, L.D 14
  • Carl Fitzsimmons, L.D 15
  • Lorie Barnum, L.D 16
  • Joseph Morelle Jr., L.D 17
  • John Baynes, L.D 18
  • James Cook, L.D 20
  • Victor Sanchez, L.D 21
  • Vince Felder, L.D 22
  • Linda Hasman, L.D 23
  • Joshua Bauroth, L.D 24
  • John Lightfoot, L.D 25
  • Yversha Roman, L.D 26
  • Lashay Harris, L.D 27
  • Frank Keophestlasy, L.D 28
  • Ernest Flagler-Mitchell, L.D 19
  • Mary Lupien, Rochester City Council East
  • Michael Patterson, Rochester City Council Northeast
  • LaShana Boose, Rochester City Council Northwest
  • Adam McFadden, Rochester City Council South
  • Judith Davis, RCSD board
  • Howard Eagle, RCSD board
  • Anthony Hall, RCSD board
  • Amy Maloy, RCSD board