In trying times, a little bit of good cheer goes a long way.  In Ontario County, there is one place where it all starts with a little bit of color.

It seems every town has a way of bringing out its true colors.  In the village of Shortsville and the town of Manchester the highway which runs through both — isn’t the only thing that connects folks.

Rainbows are helping to lead the way out of these uncertain times.

“I thought it was a good idea to connect people’s spirits.,” said Mitchell, a Girl Scout leader who challenged her Brownie troop to begin drawing pictures of rainbows, as a symbol of hope and joy while the world deals with the coronavirus pandemic.

Mitchell says she got the idea after seeing people displaying rainbows in other towns.  It’s a simple premise — with a real purpose.

“I think one of the reasons we do rainbows is because this could be a sad time for people and people are passing away,” said Katie Stratton, a third grader.  “If you’re out driving and see a rainbow you can be like, that’s sort of nice.”

“In this crazy time, it’s so hard for a lot of peopled,” said Catie Mitchell.  “So when people are walking by, they know this world is still great.”

It now seems like everyone’s joining in.  Local businesses — even those closed by the coronavirus shutdown — are displaying their colors, proudly.

“It’s super awesome,” said Mitchell.  “It’s spreading all over, which is very cool, and it’s nice that the kids, when they see it, understand what it’s all about.”

In trying times, a town’s true colors — shine brightest.