IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. — Homeowners across the United States are bracing for the annual property assessment season. 

While the assessment process aims to provide fair property values and ensure an even distribution of the town's tax base, it can also mean higher taxes for many and conflict for those who challenge their local government's projected values.

What You Need To Know

  • Irondequoit homeowners are receiving new property assessment values this week, which may result in higher taxes for some and potential conflicts for those who challenge their assessments

  • The reassessment process is aimed at providing fair property values and ensuring the town's tax base is distributed more evenly

  • Irondequoit officials are offering educational events, such as Understanding Your Assessment at the public library, to help homeowners understand the process and address any concerns

One town currently undergoing the reassessment process is Irondequoit. Homeowners there will receive their new assessment values this week in the form of a preliminary assessment disclosure notice. 

This notice tells people what the town believes the market value of their property is and what their new assessment value will be. It also indicates what the assessment was last year and gives a dollar amount for the change, along with tax impact information.

Understanding how reassessment works can only help everyone involved, which is why the town of Irondequoit is making an effort to educate its residents on the process. 

The town assessor, Amy Jorstad, explains that the preliminary assessment disclosure notice is based on the town's analysis and provides homeowners with an estimate of their property's value. She hopes that this assessment will reflect what the homeowner originally paid for the house and that it will change in accordance with the current market conditions.

Cal Wickens, a resident of Irondequoit, acknowledges that the reassessment will impact the older community in a big way. Nevertheless, town officials assure residents that the reassessment will not only provide fair property values, but also ensure an even distribution of the tax base.

If homeowners have questions about their preliminary assessment disclosure notice, they can contact the town using the information provided in the notice. Additionally, the town of Irondequoit is hosting an Understanding Your Assessment event this Thursday at the Irondequoit Public Library. Registration is required for the event.

While the reassessment process may seem daunting, understanding it can help homeowners navigate the process with more ease. It is essential to keep in mind that the aim is to ensure fair property values and an even distribution of the town's tax base. 

For those who may have questions or concerns, reaching out to local officials or attending educational events can provide the necessary guidance.