After months of renovations, the Strasenburgh Planetarium is re-opening.

With its new lighting, audio, flexible seating and a 21st-century digital dome it's the largest renovation in the Planetarium's 50-year history.

"So what this system allows us to do is fly through a virtual universe and travel to any place in space at any moment in time," said Planetarium Director Steve Fentress.

It's full-dome visualization moving in three dimensions. Fentress says it’s driven by data with images from NASA, NOAH, the U.S. Geological Survey and the National Science Foundation.

"There are about 200 planetariums around the world that have stuff like this and we are connected to a cloud and can share data. There is so much data now that you need an instrument like this to see it."

21st century innovation, but “Carl," the 1968 star projector, is staying. Fentress says he is semi-retired.

The Planetarium says it’s committed to the Stransenburg's mission of appreciation and understanding of the universe and cultural enrichment.

For a Planetarium schedule and list of all the upcoming shows, visit this website.