Members of the community are both shocked and saddened to hear that the Frederick Douglass statue that stood tall at Maplewood Park right was both damaged and removed

What You Need To Know

  • Members of the community are upset about the statue being damaged and removed

  • Members of the newly formed Roc Freedom Riders were upset as well

  • The monument most likely won't be able to be repaired, but replaced entirely

Members of the community who visited the park Monday morning were upset to see the statue removed. 

"And that humanity of whoever did this would have that attitude," says Jeannie Gloss, an Irondequoit resident. 

Members of the newly formed Roc Freedom Riders were upset as well. The group just held a bike ride honoring Frederick Douglass and his famous speech "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?" 

"All the media coverage around the Juneteenth and around the Fourth, and how we're blacking out the Fourth as Roc Freedom Riders, that initiated let's tear down one of the Frederick Douglass statues around the city," says Devin Anglin, one of the co-founders of the Roc Freedom Riders. 

The incident drew national attention as President Donald Trump and his son responded. Donald Trump Jr. claimed the movement is about promoting Marxism and not stopping racism.

Rashad Smith believes the people who damaged this statue were against the Black Lives Matter movement.

"The major difference between an attack on this statue versus all the other statues is that this historical figure fought against the wrongdoings of this country, while the other historical figures initiated wrongdoings," Smith says. 

Carvin Eison is the project director for Re-Energizing the Legacy of Frederick Douglass Committee. The committee was vital to getting the statue erected. He says this monument most likely won't be able to be repaired.

"Fiberglass was placed in them. It's all one unit. So what will happen is that a new one will have to be made. But I think we'll be able to solve that problem because I think there are two available to come here right now," Eison says. 

For now, many are hoping those responsible for the crime will be held accountable.