The woman accused of shooting and killing an Orleans County mother in August of last year admitted to the crimes Monday in State supreme court.

Holly Colino entered a plea of not-responsible due to mental defect. According to prosecutors, two doctors confirmed that Colino suffered from a mental disorder during the time she allegedly shot and killed Megan Dix.

Police say she shot Dix in the head as she sat in her car during a lunch break. Police said it was a random act of violence.

After her arrest, Colino was held in a psychiatric facility where two doctors initially deemed her highly intelligent, but not competent. Several months later Judge Charles Schiano ruled Colino fit for trial.

However, due to Monday's court appearance, Colino will no longer stand trial. Instead, she'll be held at Rochester Psychiatric Center until she's later evaluated. Following that evaluation, the court will determine an appropriate sentence in December.

According to New York State law, under a plea of not responsible by reason of mental disease or defect, a defendant may, with both the permission of the court and the consent of the people, enter a plea of not responsible by reason of mental disease or defect to the entire indictment. This plea waives a defendant's right to trial, but still holds them accountable for the accused crimes.